Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beam Me up Scotty

I'm a big fan of traveling. Like most people I know, however, "getting there" is never quite as exciting as "being there." On the other hand, half of the fun of traveling is just imagining how great IT is going to be, and then remembering how great IT was.

I realized tonight, that runs that "take me somewhere" are much more entertaining than runs which take me around my cul-de-sack. An interesting destination provides distraction, anticipation, and therefore, motivation. My cul-de-sack is LONG, and 5 laps=1 mile. I've taken this "exciting" route MULTIPLE MULTIPLE times, because it allows me to run outside right where my children are. They have a good time riding their bikes, playing on the sidewalks, or running beside me. See, these monotonous cul-de-sack runs are boring, but get the job done. While minor destinations are motivating (on a run), I must remember my ultimate destination(completing the race in October).

Circular runs are like a wheel that keeps turning. They are necessary to move toward the goal, because pushing that wheel round and round gets me closer to the destination. While I appreciate the LARGE circle around my neighborhood, it doesn't get me to the end any quicker than the small one.

Novelty is an addiction, and I realize this is my greatest area of struggle. I confess. This is one reason I made it to 26.2 last year. It was in part an exercise in seeing something through to the end with vigor. In order to complete that race, I was required to be diligent, multiple times, over a long period of time. While I'd rather have "Scotty" beam me up, I simply am a cave woman, trying to keep that stone turning round and round. My hope is that as I become more fit, that wheel will turn more smoothly.


Jeanine said...

I just linked back to your blog and I love it! You have great insight and I totally get what you mean about keeping the wheel turning. Thanks for the kudos, and I can't wait to hear how you do in Chicago!