Tuesday, April 1, 2008


One of the reasons that I love being in an exercise routine, is that it forces me to change my eating habits. While one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE meals is a Reeses Peanut Butter cup and a Diet Coke, that type of nutrition doesn't promote a favorable outcome when I run. In fact, it's rather catastrophic when I eat that way (in terms of "success").

I've been on the prowl for great fuel. An adorable friend of mine gave me this amazing recipe today. I did my research, and discovered that 1/2 cup of this yummy goodness has 10g of protein, 3og of carbs, and 4g of fiber. That may seem like a lot of carbs to you waist-line watchers, but slow burning complete carbs are essential. We shouldn't be afraid of carbs, we should be afraid of the WRONG carbs.

When I'm properly fueled, my BLOOD FEELS DIFFERENT... I don't feel like my body is "sucking marrow" when I run, and I don't feel like I have to spend the evening on the couch after a run.

You probably saw this one coming...because folks it's obvious, but we need SPIRITUAL fuel in the same way. We can go out there and run the race for a while without fuel. We may rely on our "fat stores" for a while (great instruction that we received growing up or last year), but we will ultimately become defeated and depleted without a constant stream of HEALTHY spiritual fuel. Spiritual Candy works for a while, but is not sustaining. What's your fuel?


Marci H said...

So true about the spiritual fuel. We feed our bodies daily with food for our physical well being and we need to feed our spirits with spiritual food for our spiritual well being.