Wednesday, April 2, 2008

JUST enough

Today, I'm a training baby. When I ran my half in February, I was not prepared. While I really enjoyed the race, and actually exceeded my goals for the day, I suffered for it. I signed up for the February run in order to motivate me to continue training through the winter months. However, I did not train like I should have. Because really, doesn't it seem like a better idea to stay inside, watch movies and eat popcorn and cookies? I DID train, but not nearly enough.

The result? Sore knees for a few WEEKS and the inability to "hit the pavement." I have recovered some of my strength, but I am reminded of the need for a slow and steady build. One off the most dangerous threats to a distance runner is injury. Because it is IMPERATIVE to "get in miles," being forced to sit out due to injury is very frightening.

So how do you do it? You run JUST enough. NO more. Huge rookie mistake? Running more than you are prepared to run, because you "feel great." That's a great way to get an injury. This is why I plan on sticking religiously to a training program, that slowly builds my endurance. According to my schedules, I should log about 55o miles between now and the marathon. I've only logged about 85(?) so far this year, so I have a long distance to cover.

Tonight I was listening to "Alive" by P.O.D., and I was blessed to feel the wet rain on my skin, and the endorphins running through my body. I looked down and saw my feet moving one after the other in front of me, and I did feel ALIVE.