Thursday, April 3, 2008

Running Buddy

I ran with one of my favorite people today. I can't believe what a great runner she is! She wants to find a 5k to run in, but has her sights set on a 10k, and would really like to train for a half marathon and eventually a marathon (as soon as she is old enough to compete). One thing that she has taught me is the importance of overall conditioning (cross-training). Although she doesn't run on a consistent basis, running 2 miles was a no-brainer for her. I know this is because she has the drive to succeed, and the muscle tone to get the job done. She cross trains constantly.
It's a pretty great feeling when your ten year old daughter shows signs of interest in one of your favorite activities. I'm VERY excited that I might have a training buddy in the near future, although I'm sure her capacity for speed and distance will exceed my capabilities very quickly.
Moral: focus on overall conditioning/ muscle tone, and if possible, turn back the clock.


Christy said...

I'm jealous....