Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sometimes Running Bugs Me....

Just in case anyone out there reading these little ramblings of mine thinks, "that sounds great, but I'm just not cut out for that type of thing. I can barely run ONE mile!", I find it CRITICAL that I am TOTALLY honest on this journey (because maybe someone IS cut out for it...but is scared to try).

Here it is: I HATED RUNNING TODAY. In fact, I could barely run 2 miles. I did, however, struggle through 4. I called it "Running ala bugs seasoned with water and walk breaks." Ahh...but what is this about BUGS?

Remember that kid on "Peanuts" who always had the "dirt cloud" around him? What was his name? Anyway...sometimes I'm like that kid when I run... except GNATS go on a long journey with me. Apparently, GNATS can fly as fast as HUMANS can run... and for a LONG time. I refuse to believe that I'm the "stinky kid" (although I feel best when I REALLY sweat), so I am going with the (consistently proven) theory that when I have on a good dose of perfume, the bugs love me. What can I say... bugs ALWAYS have loved me. They're attracted to SUGAR, and that phrase COMPLETELY EMBODIES THE ESSENCE THAT IS "ME..." (cough)

BUT WAIT!!! THIS IS NOT THE BEST PART!!!! I will be keeping track of all of the bugs that I eat during my training (I ate 15 during training for my fall marathon). Bugs eaten (via fast and furious inhaling---an express train to the stomach) in 2008: "1." Today was a SPECIAL day indeed.