Friday, April 25, 2008

ZZ keeps me from Slothful Z's

When I'm out on a run, I think of SO many things to write here, I find myself holding back because I fear that I'll exhaust my creative flow, but I'm just going to go with it, and start posting like a mad woman. Prepare for bloggyboredom. Read at your own risk.

Today, I was running along, listening to the ULTIMATE running song, "She's Got Legs," by ZZ Top. Girlfriend, there aint no better song for a gal to run to, OKAY???? I realize that Mr. ZZ didn't mean "She's got legs, and therefore she is capable of running a mean marathon," but I live 99% in a fantasyworld. I like to think of him singing at one of the pit stops along the streets of Chicago, and while he's playing that guitar next to the freakmobile, his long beard turns into a hand that gives me the thumbs up.

I haven't been charging my iPod like I should, and I was BUMMED when it suddenly went DEAD in the middle of this "imaginary playtime" I was having. Prior to my run today, I had struggled to find the motivation to get out there. I don't know WHY. If I don't break a sweat at least 4 times a week, I become angry, tubby, slothful, and even sad. My running is more about my emotional health than anything else!

So why is the motivation so hard to find? If running gives me an opportunity to "zone," think, and even "play," why don't I get out there every day with enthusiasm? Just when I had found my groove with ZZ today, playtime was over. Without the distraction of the music, I was forced to hear myself gasping for breath. My point is, even though something might be good for us, we still often struggle to make time for it. If it's not "easy," we generally feel that it's not "our thing." I think it's okay to make things "fun," to make the job easier. It's certainly better when we have motivation, but ultimately, we need to keep our eyes on the finish line.


Marci said...

So true! I LOVE to run and I love how exercise makes me feel. I am definitely a much better person when I am in a good exercise routine so why am I NOT doing it???? I can't figure it out. So many other things that seem more important that I HAVE to get done I guess. Hopefully soon after we get settled and our other house cleaned out, I am going to get into a routine. I really would like to run with you- - -or behind you since I KNOW I won't be able to keep up.

Dalene said...

Trust me Marci, ...You can run faster than I can...I can endure, but I have NO speed. My five year old can run faster than me. Then again, he can only run for about ten seconds...hmmm... Really, I'm no good at this running business... it's just sorta fun.

Christy said...

Alone time is such a good way to come up with thoughtful ideas on life. I used to solve the world's problems on my way back and forth to classes in Tulsa. (YEARS AGO) I'm sure running would help me to do that again.
On another note. I'm with ya on music helping you get something done. I used to crank up my favorite music and try to clean a room in the time it takes for one song to finish. Amazing how quick I would go!! And enjoy myself! (: Music is a good good thing.