Friday, May 9, 2008

Did I mention how much I love to sweat????

In honor of the BlueSugarPoet,

A sweaty haiku:

Sweat rolls from my brow,
Sweet detoxification
Salty lips smile wide.

(actually, I'm not sure, Mrs. English teacher, if I did that right, but I'm sure going to work on it)


bluesugarpoet said...

Great Haiku! Typically the syllables are 5/7/5, but I've read many a haiku where they fudge on one or two lines. I've even fudged a bit myself. And I like to eat fudge, so that makes your haiku doubly good. I think I could even sweat and eat fudge simultaneously.

Sweet hot summer day.
Fudgy goo melts in my mouth;
Sweaty brow? Who cares!

Dalene said...

Good one!

I might need to go back to second grade (I remember my teacher trying to make me "clap" to figure out syllables) so I don't have to serve a plate of fudge with future haikus. I didn't mean to fudge that one, maybe I don't know how to count. Although I have a feeling that will be the one and only haiku ever written by me this decade.

WOO HOO!!! Running a marathon is a great accommplishment. I'm glad you're up for it.

Mick said...

The fudginess of your Haiku rests on the question: Does smile have one or two syllables?

I guess it depends on if you live in Oklahoma or Boston.

Ch@ndy said...

spoken in the is definitely one syllable

Dalene said...

Let's keep this argument going until we can get to the bottom of this...

What the heck? I'm sure that smile is one syllable, but salty is two.

Sweat rolls from my brow-five
sweet de-tox-i-fi-ca-tion-seven
sal ty lips smile wide--five

I'm not sure if I will be able to sleep at night until we get this cleared up, because I'v always been a salty treat girl, and have a limited interest in fudge.

Please help me! I might have to join a 12 step program for having a "haiku inferiority complex."

Ch@ndy said...

As a self-appointed Grammar Snob, Some-Regions Accent Expert and Would-Be-Were-It-Not-For-My-Education Linguist, I do declare that as a long time resident of northeastern Oklahoma, you did not, even a bit, fudge on your haiku. Given your linguistic heritage, you have indeed counted correctly.

Dalene said...

I remember now why I always liked those girls from the Northwest during college.

Jana and Chandy, you crack me up. Thanks for some good haiku laughs.

Jana, I'm adding Haiku's to my curriculum next year:

In a brief Haiku, discuss Spenser's intense convictions regarding holiness in the Faerie Queen, Book 1. LOL. That would be funny.