Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Elephant

Well, let's just all acknowledge the elephant in the room here. I'm not running enough. This seems to be the condition of "end-of-the-year" teaching misc.... Another reason why I love June, July, and August. My schedule has been packed! So... while I'm not "freaking out," I realize that keeping a blog makes me feel like I'm "accountable" to someone, so I'm just "keepin it real, ya'll." I'll keep trudging along, although honestly... is it enough? No. See that counter above? It is moving, but I'm pretty sure it's not moving at the rate a marathoner should push it. Oh well. Last year at this point, I wasn't running at ALL during the month of May, because I had a hip injury. It was bad. So... the elephant is not prepared to feel frantic yet.


Mick said...

Dalene...I think your anxiety is perhaps misplaced. You have already achieved 22% of your mileage goal and as school ends you have a plan to progressively increase your mileage.

What gives me pause is the paucity of your bug ingestion. You have only consumed 15% of your goal and you don't seem to have a plan to increase consumption.

Your concerned brother,


bluesugarpoet said...

How many miles are you logging per week at this stage of your training?

My friend (and sometimes running buddy) just ran a marathon in Nashville. I am impressed at your goal! I think I need a running goal.

Btw, what is your time on the mile? I can't seem to break 8min 30sec. I feel very very very old.

These are the burning questions of a wanna be runner.

Dalene said...

Yes, Mick...I really need to get a plan together for more bug tasties. I think running next to rivers usually helps with that.

Miss "bluesugarpoet," you will notice I have been avoiding answering your questions, because I'm just...bad right now. I haven't run this week (maybe once?) but I should be running 10-12 per week...my mileage posted above is what I have run this year so far.

I don't run fast AT ALL. In fact, I've never really tried to run fast. I went from not running, to: "I think I'll train for a marathon." My goal has simply been to build endurance, and finish a marathon. I ran in college some, but just started running again in 2006. My marathon time was 4:51, which means I ran about 11.30 minute miles. I like to run for 5-10 minutes, and then walk for one or two, so when I'm actually running, it's probably 9.5-10 minute miles. I'm really NOT athletic...like...AT ALL.

They tell me setting running goals is critical in the motivation department. I agree. I have a feeling that you're more of a runner than I am.

My goal for Chicago is to get closer to 4:30. These are not the goals of real athletes, these are the goals of 37 year old non-athletes.

bluesugarpoet said...

It's me - jana again!

I would like to think I am athletic, but the truth is that I'm competitive. I would like to *think* that I am a "runner," but really, I am more of a "jogger". lol

I do have a secret weapon, though. I run with my dog. He pulls me up the hills. My time would probably be a lot slower if I didn't run with him!

(funny how I came up with my alias "bluesugarpoet" btw. I'll have to tell you that story. It's more meaningless than people might think...)

Dalene said...

Jana--- Big Sur, 2009.

bluesugarpoet said...

Are you saying that you will fly out and run this with me????!!!! I am to chicken to do this alone! But count me in.

Dalene said...

If you would train for it, yes, I think it would be a blast to come out there and run it. Why Not? It's seriously on my "list" of marathons. It looks so beautiful! Only...you'll probably qualify for Boston on your first try, and I'll be huffing and puffing along behind you. It's worth thinking about.

bluesugarpoet said...

Count me in. Marathon in 2009, here I come!