Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Success is the NEXT run

I love summertime freedom. It feels SOO great to have time to run. My husband has been running with me in the evenings around sunset, and it's such a fun time together. A few of you have asked me about my training programs, so although this is not "philosophical," I thought I'd pass along a little practical input. I started out using Jeff Galloway's program. Most of my family members use Hal Higdon's programs. Last year, I had to start training for the marathon late due to an injury, so I just found a 16 week beginner program in Runners World (a magazine I highly recommend), and used that.

I really don't think the program of choice is the key to marathon success. Especially as a beginner, with the goal simply to FINISH 26.2, the most important thing seems to be consistency. I think one reason that I'm attracted to marathons is I don't have to think AT ALL about the long term plan. I simply have to run whatever is on the schedule. Success is THE NEXT run... not the 10, 14, or 17 mile run several weeks from now. Pick a schedule. Post it, and simply look to the next run.

I remember last year, on a 3 mile run (okay...MOST runs) thinking "I'm SO out of shape...I don't know WHAT I think I'm doing here." I still feel like that. I'm still a wannabe athlete...but I will still finish the race... slow, old(ish), and smiling.


bluesugarpoet said...

Great advise! I am using a plan that Ch@ndy found here. It has been extremely helpful to follow a schedule. I also started keeping a log at mapmyrun.com (thanks for the suggestion - now I can keep track of my miles without too much effort).

Timed myself on the 2 mile the other day (actually, it was 2.5 miles). I averaged 8.39 - which I am very happy with. I just wish that time was more effortless.

bluesugarpoet said...

Um - great advice too. (Silly me - ha ha)

Dalene said...

Jana--great time! I'll check out the plan you all are using. When is your marathon and when does official training begin? I start on the 9th of June. My plan is to run week one each week until then.