Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is the time of year when I usually go get my "one" pedicure for the summer. I'm a big fan of the french tip pedicure. But I was wondering...would it scare the ladies to give a pedicure to someone who is missing her big toenail? I've been hiding this fact by painting the "underlayer," a.k.a. skin on my big toenail.

I really don't know why my toenails fall off when I'm in a running routine. I think this one must be a residual effect from the Austin 1/2. The funny thing is, they don't hurt when they fall off...AT ALL. I lost a couple last year, too. They do grow back.

I've seen socks that$35 that supposedly help with this situation, but I ask myself: "If it doesn't hurt, should I spend the $35?"

I'm not getting a pedicure this year. Shucks.


Aubrie said...

haha...yeah, that's a good point. It really doesn't hurt. I've only lost two toenails, but have been cautious about others that didn't end up falling off. It's kind of fun to have a missing toenail. The one I had fall off soon after Chicago has finally grown all the way through to a fresh nail.

bluesugarpoet said...

I am a little scared, now. I must not be running enough because I still have all ten little beauties. ha ha ha