Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Humidity=Profit for the Gym

I've refrained from joining the gym, because I am really keen on the idea of making the sidewalk my personal treadmill.

But tonight, I realized why I forked over the "big bucks" last year to run on the spinning mat. This is an annual July occurrence.

IT. IS. HOT. IN. OKLAHOMA. Not funny hot. I can't keep pace hot. My scalp is sweating hot. Freak show hot. Slow motion, nausea hot. Funny thing is, I actually LIKE running in heat, but I'm realizing that it's preventing me from maximizing my training capabilities. Well...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm not happy. I like my neighborhood. I like the smell of "tide" in the air as I run past the June Cleaver house. I like the distraction of bugs. The occasional barking dog is the adrenaline rush I need. My kids love to ride their bikes with me. I like the old people raking their lawn in the evening. I saw a lady cutting the weeds by her flower bed with scissors. That's much more entertaining than CMT, TNT, TLC, NBC, or even MTV. You see?

I'm dreaming of fall. I'm going to fall in love with fall.