Saturday, July 5, 2008

Running on the Beach

There's nothing like running on the beach. For anyone who lives on the coast, I feel very jealous. I can't believe how much easier it is to run in cool weather! It has been a treat, although it is very difficult to get in miles while on vacation!

On the other hand, I ran along the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, and had my first huge fall! It was quite a bloody ordeal, but luckily there was a "baywatch" hunk there to bandage me up. I ran past a sea lion and her baby, smelled fish, and listened to the ocean! This ranked up there with one of my favorite runs in my life. I sort of liked running and dripping blood...feeling all "tough." Good times.


Marci said...

I got to run on the beach at Myrtle Beach and I LOVED it too. A harder workout in the sand. I did it barefoot too which made my feet muscles VERY sore. Glad you got to do it.