Sunday, August 31, 2008

Running Out of Time...

I seem to be obsessed with my lack of time.... If only I had enough time, I could accomplish SO much. My running is included in this. If I had started running earlier in my life, if I had cross-trained more, if I only had more time during the week to train.

As it is, I'm running out of time. I have six weeks of training left, and I'm not exactly where I wanted to be!! But alas, I CANNOT turn back the clock, and I must accept reality. I'm quite unsure if I will reach my time goal. I don't know if my running times today will translate to fast times on race day!! Will my adrenaline be pumping? Will the weather co-operate? Will I feel well? Will I be injury free?

Because even if I had all of the time in the world, certain factors could ruin my time, and ruin my "time." So...I'll keep at this race called life, and this race called the marathon. I'll do my part, and allow the end result to run its course.


Marci said...

Crossing the finish line sounds like a great "TIME" to me!!

It is more about the time you have than the time you get.

You will do GREAT! Wish we could have run some together, but your "times" scare me. I wouldn't be able to keep up.

Is Steve still planning to run?

Dalene said...

Oh goodness,'ve been running a lot longer than I have. I don't think my times should scare you on any level. I'm quite confident that you will kick my bootie on race day! In fact, I'm expecting it.

I agree it's about having a good time. I enjoy the race just for the experience...but I still wish I could run FASTER!!! It's just so hard to do for extended periods of time!!! I don't really know if I'm in better condition this year than I was last year....

Yes, he's still planning to run at this point!!!

Marci said...

We should all run together- - slowly and JUST HAVE FUN!! But then you would have to surrender your personal goal- - -cause girl, I will NEVER run that fast!