Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wall

Every distance runner knows what "the wall" is. It usually hits around mile 18, when glycogen stores are depleted, and running turns into sheer will power. I honestly didn't actually hit "the wall" in KC, because I think it came around mile 8!! My foot was so sore, but I really didn't care on that day. I came to run a marathon, and I did it. In part, I think I was able to avoid the wall because I ran fairly slow and kept hydrated and was constantly sucking on a sports bean.

But a training run? What is the motivation? Well, tonight my motivation was keeping up with a couple of twenty-somethings. They are REAL runners who had to put up with the "old lady." I gave them some good times by FALLING off the road, and insisting on walking up a couple of(let's be honest, a few) hills.

It didn't go so well, but I'm partially blaming that on the fact that I think I've caught a stomach bug or something. Remember my last post where I was complaining about my inability to lose weight? Well I lost four pounds this week for no reason (I'm not necessarily glad about that). So my stomach basically hurt or I felt nauseated the entire time, but when the schedule says "18," you put in 18 no matter how you feel. Especially when there are two young, fit, hip adults cheering you on for the last half of your run (thanks Aubs and Billy). I didn't want to be the lame doofus aunt who couldn't keep up AT ALL. I think poor Billy felt like he was on a Sunday afternoon stroll whereas I was pushed to my limits.

I didn't have fun tonight (except for the awesome company). I ran to the wall, and realize that without the motivation of an actual race, I am perfectly content to go lean up against the wall and take a nap.


Aubrie said...

Lean against "the wall" and take a nap.

Well that would be cool.

You did great. I hope that we were an encouragement to you. I am glad we made that happen and so is Billy.