Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweet Little Lies...and Superwoman

Last year, before my first marathon, I honestly didn't know if I would finish. My goal was 5:30, so that I would have had an hour to hobble across the finish line (in case of injury). As the marathon approached, I secretly dreamed of finishing in under 5:00. I finished in 4:51. (This time would make a "real" marathoner depressed for weeks on end)

I think of that 80's song... (who sang that?)..."Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies..." This year, I've been fairly confident of my ability to improve that time. I've taken 2 minutes/ mile off of my average times last year, and as a result, here I am...injured just 2 weeks before the race. But another song comes to mind... "Lie to me, honey!"

I can't decide if I should lie to myself and say "you can still run faster if you just recover," or if I should tell myself the truth. "You're going to be lucky to finish."

I simultaneously love and hate the unknown. Chicago, you are my Arch-Nemesis! I will keep coming back for more until I beat you!!!! Maybe if I wore a super-woman outfit to run in, you would be intimidated into submission!!!!!! You may take me down in 2008, but I'll be back.... Moooaaaa-haaaa-haaa, haaa!!!!!


Christy said...

So, I keep meaning to ask... how did the 20 go? Are you injury free yet? I know this is such a great thing and I'm so consumed with my own survival that I haven't been your cheerleader much. I'm hoping soon someday, I can start training and not slow you down when we decide to run together for fun. That was embarrasing!!! (sp)

rachel white said...

i totally think you should wear the cape. if it doesn't make you feel all super strong and victorious, at least you could blame your slow finishing time on the "drag" that it causes!!

Aubrie said...

Here in Indiana, we are having discussions about what kind of costume I will wear for the marathon.

I feel bad though, because I am supposed to be running for Team World Vision...that didn't work out too well...