Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ten Reasons to Run a Marathon

10.) For Mom's...4-5 hours of alone time without having to lock yourself into the bathroom!
9.) Carrot as much as you like.
8.) Bonding with other runners.
7.) Hours of fun with kids riding bikes while you try to keep up.
6.) Because there's no diarreah like runner's diarreah.
5.) New shoes...every 3 months.
4.) Toxins? What are toxins? You sweat them all out.
3.) You have to run 26.2, but you get to go out of town.
2.) Free stuff at the Expo.
1.) Months of training = Grand fun on race day.

I'm feeling better... I've gotten in my miles...Chicago here we come!


Marci said...

Great list!! I would say drink as much Coke as you want instead of eating Carrot Cake though.

You saying 19 days DID freak me out. I am so nervous already!