Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Left to right:
my brother
a famous guy
I dont' think the famous one would like this picture too much, do you? But I'm still SO happy I have it, and frankly, I think the famous guy still...like...TOTALLY rocks. I was a crazy tongue-tied fan.
I also have a pic of RYAN HALL at the Chi-Town expo, but I didn't want to wait in line for like... three hours to get a picture WITH him, so I just shot the pic over the crowd. It was ridiculous. These runners are like rock-stars to me. Seriously. I'm just in AWE of these guys! If only.... Maybe when I get to heaven I can run, but still improve...to have the discipline and the muscle mass potential to reach my goals.
Wait...I'll probably be too busy worshiping GOD to worship my awesome running skills or some amazing runner dude.